Ethosolution Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in submitting an ethosolution! Before submission, please be sure your idea, product, or organization meets the definition of an ethosolution:

An idea, product, organization, or cause founded upon guiding principles and ideals universally accepted as creating a better world: integrity, honesty, peace, humanitarianism, love, compassion, cooperation, collaboration, sustainability, kindness, philanthropy, green living, etc. Anything generally accepted as being a solution to common problems of our day with a positive effect on the whole of humanity, individuals, and our planet is usually considered an ethosolution.

If you aren’t sure if it misses the mark on one or more of these criteria, it most likely will not qualify as an ethosolution.

Submitting Your Ethosolution

To submit your ethosolution, please CLICK HERE to complete and submit the necessary information.

NOTE: Ethosolutions is an open source and non-profit organization, by submitting an ethosolution to us you are requesting that we research your ethosolution and publish a combination of what we find and the information contained in this form on the internet. You can always request that we edit or remove anything we publish but please ONLY SEND US INFORMATION YOU WANT SHARED ON THE INTERNET.


We have have a small team of writers and the One Community project is our primary focus and a HUGE undertaking that consumes most of our time. Right now we are running way behind on publishing Ethosolutions with a backlog of about 10. If you are sending us an ethosolution submission please A) be patient with us and B) be very comprehensive in your answers to your questions Рthe more writing you do for us the faster and easier it is for us to get your Ethosolution published for you!