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Ethosolution Organizations

Organizations that are conscious and conscientious in their business practices, values, mission, and desire for win relationships with each other, humanity, and our planet are ethosolutions. They are defined by integrity, transparency, and clearly forward-thinking goals with consideration for their actions and interrelationship and interdependence with all things.

If you are part of, or know of, an organization or business that you know is an ethosolution, please fill out an Ethosolutions Submission Form as we will be building and evolving an Ethosolution Organization Archive and resource center from this page.

Check Out These World Changing

Ethosolution Organizations

Aqueous Solutions :: A 100% volunteer-run, U.S.-based non-profit organization specializing in teaching and supplying water sanitation and hygiene solutions

Bandcamp :: A platform designed to put the artistic control and money back into the hands musicians

GoodSearch :: A search engine and other online tools that are free for the user and provide donations to charity for each use

Khan Academy :: Free online school and classes for kindergarden through college level knowledge

Nuru International :: Combatting extreme poverty and hunger by establishing the necessary infrastructure and teaching people what they need to maintain it and then help spread it even more

Open Source Ecology :: Providing the open source blueprints teaching how to build yourself the 50 most essential machines for civilization which they have accurately titled “The Global Village Construction Set”

Patagonia :: An utra-ethical and sustainable leader in 100% organic cotton clothing and sustainability initiatives, contribution, and organization of millions of dollars for global sustainability and NodoEspiral :: Providing permaculture classes and training as well as free permaculture information and resources in both spanish and english

Sungevity :: Solar system company using satellite technology to provide free solar system quotes within 24 hours, and financing so consumers experience immediate savings by switching to solar

TED and TED Talks :: Conferences to share new ideas, the videos from which are turned into free podcasts

Trash to Treasure :: A creative reuse center teaching kids and businesses that donating recycled materials and creating beautiful art can save you money too

The Venus Project :: An organization purposed to recreate the entire planet sustainably and for The Highest Good of All

World of Good by eBay :: Fair Trade shopping for the ultra-eco conscious who like to know exactly how and who they are helping with their dollars