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Ethosolution Ideas

Ethosolution Ideas are the visionary concepts, world-changing ideas, and forward-thinking notions that are progressing and evolving us in the following areas: ecology, cooperation, sustainability, open source sharing, integrity, efficiency, collaboration, creativity, peace, love, fulfilled living, happiness, and empathy. To be an ethosolution they do this without compromising any of the other areas and thus demonstrate ideas that unquestionably benefit us all and make sense. If someone needs to ask if it is really and ethosolution, it probably isn’t.

If you have an idea that you know is an ethosolution, please fill out an Ethosolutions Submission Form as we will be building and evolving an Ethosolution Idea Archive and resource center from this page.

Check Out These World Changing

Ethosolution Ideas

Bandcamp :: A platform designed to put the artistic control and money back into the hands musicians

The Feel Good Music Project :: Music and artists dedicated to changing the world

Khan Academy :: Free online school and classes for kindergarden through college level knowledge

The Sustainable Development Matrix :: A sustainability approach and strategy for almost any situation

TED and TED Talks :: Conferences to share new ideas, the videos from which are turned into free podcasts

The Venus Project :: An idea to recreate the entire planet sustainably and for The Highest Good of All

Wikipedia :: A free encyclopedia for every person on the planet

World of Good by eBay :: Fair Trade shopping for the ultra-eco conscious and conscientious

YouTube :: An idea that changed how we access, share and interact with video information