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What is an Ethosolution

Ethosolution Defined: An idea, product, organization, or cause founded upon guiding principles and ideals universally accepted as creating a better world: integrity, honesty, peace, humanitarianism, love, compassion, cooperation, collaboration, sustainability, kindness, philanthropy, etc. Anything generally accepted as being a solution to common problems of our day with a positive effect on the whole of humanity.

People are Waking UP

People are collectively waking up to the possibility of co-existence beyond just peace; actively moving towards true communion and co-creation of planetary abundance, sustainability, and happiness. Starting first as individuals willing to let go of our judgments, greed, selfishness, and need to be right; we’re progressing forward as a group-consciousness dedicated to living a life of gratitude and appreciation for the diversity that is the human experience, our interrelatedness, interdependence, and ability to collective contribute to the forward movement of our species.

Concepts like sustainable energy, non-genetically modified food, food and products made without the use of poisons, and intentional living used to be considered fringe aspects of only a small segment of society. Now we find humanity as a whole recognizing the unhealthy cost cutting methods of corporations and understanding individuals working against the aforementioned concepts as ultimately misinformed, uninformed or disillusioned by money driven industries clinging to old paradigms of financial gain over human welfare.

The New Paradigm

Enter ethosolutions: organizations, causes, products, ideas, and movements of people founded on simple principles everyone can agree upon as simply making sense for health and life. Such groups and ideas are focused on saving lives, increasing happiness, increasing health, resolving conflict peacefully, sustainability, cooperation, collaboration, and making a difference. This is who we really are as humans and more and more of us are remembering this every day.

It is interesting that the original use of “ethos” by the Greeks was to refer to the power of MUSIC to influence the listener’s emotions, behaviors, and even morals while contemporary philosophy and intentional living circles emphasize living life as a song and stilling the mind through listening to the “music of existence” happening constantly around us. Just as all the notes of a song combine together to create something unique and more beautiful than its individual parts, so too do the diversity of unique perspectives, lifestyles, opinions, and experiences of human coexistence moving forward. This is the foundational philosophy of ethosolutions: co-create the music of living in integrity by appreciating the individual song each of us sings as our gift to a happier, healthier and more sustainable world.

Moving Forward

It is not just possible but IMPERATIVE that we, as a collective consciousness, continue to wake up to the reality of our situation here on planet Earth, and what we are capable of; finally letting go of old world views and paradigms of separation, competition, and entitlement. This is what Ethosolutions are all about, and the direction that we as a species are moving towards anyway. Never in the history of the world has it been so easy to communicate, collaborate, and come together as a people to create a culture of change and demonstrate our true potential as we bring the ethosolutions of the world together for the betterment of us all.