Aqueous Solutions | Nonprofit Sustainability Supported with Sustainable Water Solutions

Aqueous Solutions is a 100% volunteer-run, U.S.-based nonprofit sustainability organization and shining ethosolution. Their name is appropriate, as aqueous essentially means, “water related”. In other words, their name means water related solutions, which is very informative for what they do. While they help with everything from rammed earth homes and sustainable energy, their specialization is in water and sanitation hygiene, or what they have dubbed W.A.S.H.

Their nonprofit sustainability team is formed from research scientists, field engineers, and ecological designers actively and selflessly working to provide livelihood security, environmental and economic sustainability, and local self-empowerment via ecological design and water sanitation and hygiene technologies.

They conduct field and laboratory research on decentralized, small-scale water treatment and ecological sanitation systems. In addition, they build and design water-caching and sanitation systems serving remote, rural communities in southeast Asia–places politically and economically marginalized.

“Not stopping there, Aqueous Solutions provides hands on, experience-based education opportunities in science, engineering, and ecological design via their intern program.”

Aqueous Solutions is leading the way in sustainable water solutions and environmentally friendly methods of water gathering, as well as solutions to lack of water such as, rainwater harvesting, spring catchment, and gravity flow distribution systems. They also provide solutions to unclean water using methods such as, charcoal/biochar filtration, slow-sand and bio-sand filtration, and solar and UV disinfection.

In addition to this, they provide ecological sanitation design and infrastructure via composting toilets, ecological greywater treatment, and constructed wetlands. Finally, to cover all bases to care for other humans and ensure they have the basics they need to live with health, the good people at Aqueous Solutions promote hygiene via handwashing stations and homemade soaps.

As if their work to provide water solutions wasn’t enough,

Aqueous Solutions and Their In-Country Partners

Promote Small-Scale, Localized Energy Systems

from Solar and Micro-Hydro.

They help introduce sustainable, low-cost, house building methods such as, rammed earth building of earthen homes, as well as other natural and earth-based buildings (adobe, cob, and using natural plasters and paints). Providing the full range of basic survival needs, Aqueous Solutions shows locals food security techniques and agricultural micro-enterprises such as, agro-forestry, organic gardening, seed saving, and aquaponics farming.

These cutting-edge sustainable techniques are the way of the future and providing these skills to people is invaluable and world changing. Their full scale approach to basic needs blends participatory community development with stimulation of local economies, starting remote, struggling, and marginalized communities on the path to recovery and success, both locally and globally.

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