I believe I have or know of an ethosolution, how do I submit it?

Please complete our Ethosolution Submission Form found by clicking HERE.

Are there any monetary or other requirements for submitting an ethosolution?

No, only that it meets the definition of an ethosolution: An idea, product, organization, or cause founded upon guiding principles and ideals universally accepted as creating a better world: integrity, honesty, peace, humanitarianism, love, compassion, cooperation, collaboration, sustainability, kindness, philanthropy, etc. Anything generally accepted as being a solution to common problems of our day with a positive effect on the whole of humanity.

How will I know if my ethosolution is accepted?

We will e-mail you back within two weeks of submission of your ethosolution to let you know if it was accepted or not.

How long will it take you to create a page for my ethosolution?

It depends on the workload of our team but we try and complete ethosolution pages within two weeks of approval. If it seems like it has taken longer than that just e-mail us a friendly reminder.

Why does this site exist?

We created the site to have an engine for supporting and sharing forward-thinking ideas, products, and organizations that meet the definition of an ethosolution. We also wanted a place our team could create free webpages for people without the resources to create them for themselves.

What if I want to change or remove my information on the site? 

Please complete our Ethosolution Edit Request Form found by clicking HERE.

What’s the benefit for ethosolutions on the site?

Publicity and improved web ranking by us linking to your site.

What’s the benefit for ethosolutions.org? 

We promote our sister sites www.sustainabilitynonprofit.org and www.onecommunityranch.org as ethosolutions and our sponsor. We also improve our own website rankings when other ethosolution sites link to ours.