Bandcamp is a platform designed to put the artistic control and money back into the hands of the musicians. Artists can create their own page using the bandcamp template and then sell their music in many different formats through the site. And you are able to name your own price. So musicians that want to give their music away are able to do so, as well as those that want to accept donations.

As of the date of this feature, bandcamp and it’s artists and fans have:
  • Made $13,792,597 using Bandcamp
  • Made $1,031,692 in the past 30 days alone.
  • Outsold albums to tracks 5 to 1 (in the rest of the music buying world, tracks outsell albums 16 to 1).
  • Paid an average of 50% more than the minimum.On name-your-price albums
  • Driven 2,092,178 paid transactions and served 25,508,245 downloads to happy fans.

Another main feature of bandcamp is their viral distribution center. They make it very easy to embed music players on web pages and in Facebook posts. This allows traffic to come back to the artist’s page and create more sales.

They boast a clear and innovative pricing structure and work with the artists in order to create the most win-win outcome possible. They offer physical media, as well as digital.

As the internet surges forward as the dominant way that we communicate, do business, and purchase goods and services, the music industry as we’ve known it is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Before, musicians would only bring back a small percentage of the money made from their music due to contracts and bureaucracy. With bandcamp and other sites like it, musicians can now see much more of the benefits of creating their art, allowing more artists to create.

Thank you Bandcamp for being part of the ethosolution!