Eco Cleaning Products: Ecover All Natural Cleaners

Plant Based All Natural Cleaning Products

Ecover eco cleaning products are a safe and plant based alternative to the vast array of chemical-based household cleaners on the market today.  Produced by a  Belgian manufacturer with 30 years of experience, Ecover ethosolution products are available in the US in many green grocery stores, through the Ecover website, on Amazon, and eBay with a multitude of effective go green products including a wide range of eco laundry detergents, all natural cleaners and green products for the home, and other natural cleaning solutions. Their mission:

“Making a Healthy & Sustainable Lifestyle Easy”

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Ecover’s Commitment to Quality

Ecover uses a list of thirteen criteria to maintain their standard of sustainability excellence. These thirteen criteria are validated by objective third party Vincotte Environmental and are characteristics that fall under three Ecover phases assessed for each of their eco cleaning products: Extraction, Consumption and Absorption

Phase 1 – Extraction :: Where do the ingredients come from?

The three primary criteria for Ecover are: Renewable Resource, Green Chemistry and Resource Proximity

Whether a person is using their all natural laundry detergent or one of their other green household products, Ecover makes sure they have sourced the ingredients as close to their factories as possible. They don’t use ingredients that aren’t renewable and they use plant-based ingredients to ensure they can be responsibly transformed into cleaners without creating a swarm of pollution during production.

Phase 2 –  Consumption :: How effective are our products and how do they affect you?

The criteria for Phase 2 are: Primary Efficiency, Secondary Efficiency, and Consumer Safety

Consumer wellbeing comes first and the Ecover all natural cleaning product line undergos a series of performance evaluations and comparisons in their on-site laboratories. With the help of Vincotte Environmental, these tests are third party evalueated to ensure that there will not be harsh fumes or residues in the home of any consumer using their products.

Phase 3 – Absorption :: What affect do our eco green products have on the waterways/aquatic life?

garbage on the beach, plastic washupThis is where Ecover really stands out with their commitment to the environment and the following criteria: Aquatic Safety, Limited Aquatic Impact, Aerobically Degradable Ingredients, Anaerobically Degradable Surfactants, Phosphorous Absence, VOC Absence, Primary Packaging Optimization

“We do the dishes, not the fishes!”

Ecover’s products are designed and tested to be completely biodegradable products that require the minimal amount of water to become neutral, have the lowest possible levels of volatile organic compounds, and are packed in 100% PlantPlastic that’s also 100% recyclable and renewable.

What Makes them “Eco Cleaning Products”
and Not Just “All Natural Cleaners”

To be sure not to uproot indigenous people, deplete natural resources or cause an onslaught of pollution, Ecover strives to harvest and use primarily plant-based and mineral raw materials from local sustainable sources in their production process. These include derivatives from plants such as starches, acids, cellulose, surfactants (from rapeseed, palm and coconut oil), or extracts such as essential oils from seeds, leaves, peels and other plant parts. In addition, they also use minerals and mineral derivatives, such as carbonates, zeolites and silicates. These minerals or their components are found naturally in enormous quantities (for example, 75% of the earth’s outer crust consists of silicates).

Ecover is also committed to packaging that reduces stress on landfills, the ozone, and our plantes sea animals by packaging their liquid products in 100% PlantPlastic bottles.  Even better, the plant based plastic is made from sugarcane, which doesn’t infringe on the global food supply the way that corn-based plastics do, while remaining 100% renewable and recyclable.


Ecover is a model ethosolution business because they exhibit conscious and conscientious environmental and social ethics by sourcing their ingredients locally, sustainably, and at the least possible harm to the environment, indigenous people and plants of our earth. They make easily biodegradable products that they package in sustainable plant based plastic containers to offer a simple sustainable choice for the consumer; which has an enormous environmental impact, and encourages the cleaning supply industry to move into a more green, eco-friendly direction, benefiting our economy, ecology, and future.

Thank you Ecover for demonstrating quality, integrity and environmentally conscious business practices and products!

Visit the Ecover website for more information or to order their products: