FiberStone | Creating Eco-Friendly Paper

We’ve chosen to feature FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper as one of our first ethosolution products because it is  the eco friendly paper of the future and it’s available now. With trees and water both being consumed at alarming and unsustainable rates, water and tree-free paper is an advance in green paper products that is long overdue.  FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper is tree-free paper made from stone, it’s toxic-chemical free, and it uses no water to be created. In addition to this is is tear resistant paper, waterproof paper, recyclable, and requires a fraction of the energy to produce.

fiberstone ethosolution, paper from stoneUsing FiberStone paper is a great way to make a real impression because it is distinctly different from any other paper most people have ever held or used. We love it! The paper is ultra-eco, heavier, and noticeably more durable; properties that make it really stand out.”

Jae Sabol, Founding Member of One Community

       How Fiberstone® Paper is Made

FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper, also known as “stone paper” or “rock paper,” is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO) with a small quantity (20%) of non-toxic resin (HDPE- High Density Polyethylene). The Calcium Carbonate in the stone paper comes from limestone collected as waste material from existing quarries for the building and construction industry. It is ground down to a fine powder like chalk and the HDPE acts as a binder for the Calcium Carbonate. So amazingly, 80% of this new paper replacement product is from recycled, reused materials and it’s using no trees, no water, and doesn’t even emit toxic air!

Together these materials create a tough, durable, tear resistant paper that is also a water proof/grease proof paper! Waterproofing paper normally requires a film; now imagine, a soft, smooth, bright white paper that performs like a film but without all the petroleum! It is chlorine free, bleach (commonly used in paper products) free, acid free and totally safe for the environment.

What Makes These Such Green Paper Products

Here’s a quick comparison to put into perspective what this paper means for environmental printing:

  • One ton of 100% regular virgin pulp paper uses 20 trees, 16,000 gallons of water, and 36,000 BTU’s of energy
  • One ton of 100% recycled pulp paper uses 4 trees, 9,000 gallons of water, and 22,000 BTU’s of energy
  • One ton of FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper uses 0 trees, 0 water, and 18,000 BTU’s of energy
The FiberStone® company is also one of the few environmental green printing services available with their waterproof paper label and and green printing services costing only about 10% more than other less eco friendly paper products made with trees.

And the best part is that green paper productslike paper made of stone can still be recycled too to make new FiberStone® Paper or other plastic products such as lumber, furniture, or receptacle bins. FiberStone Paper can also be recycled in the building & construction industry, waste treatment, steel manufacturing, farming, and glass making.

For more information about this amazing ethosolution product visit their homepage, their FAQ page and their What is FiberStone® Paper page.

thank you trees, trees are our friends, oldest living things on earth