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GoodSearch – Charity Search Engine And More!

GoodSearch: Easy Ways to Give Donations to Charity

GoodSearch offers a way every single day that we can offer donations to charity at no cost to us, simply by surfing the web using a charity search engine! GoodSearch, a product of DailyGood, is a search engine backed by Yahoo that we can use to do our normal web surfing and simultaneously provide donations to charity.

They donate 50% of their revenue from the site’s advertisers, almost a penny a search, to the American charities and schools. The really cool part is, the users choose which organizations to donate to. This is no small undertaking either! According to the company’s website, as of January 2011:

More than 96,000 non-profits are participating in the program and 100 new organizations register daily.

About GoodSearch – The Charity Search Engine

charity search engine, DailyGood, simply do good, GoodSearchIn November 2005, siblings Ken Ramberg (Co-Founder of JOBTRAK) and JJ Ramberg founded the GoodSearch charity search engine as a dedication to their mother after she passed away from cancer. She had taught them we can make the world better by persevering together. They launched GoodSearch in 2005 after considering what even a fraction of the $8 billion search engine advertisers generate annually could do to help make the world a better place.

Aside from just being a good search (ha ha ) engine, the GoodSearch charity search engine offers a number of cool features as well. As already mentioned, the searcher selects the organizations to donate to, so they select the specific charity their searches benefit. They can also see how many searches contributed to each charity and how much in donations each charity is going to receive. For example, you can look at the statistics and see that as of April 2010 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital had almost $15,000 in donations to charity from GoodSearch.

organizations to donate to, donations to charity,  GoodSearch, DailyGood There are also features on the GoodSearch charity search engine website that change a few times each week.

The “Charity of the Day” displays a selected charity’s logo and by clicking on it you are taken to that website.

The “Success Stories” section shows the amount of money donated to charities that have had success.

Finally, the “Who’s Doing Good” area, shows videos that celebrities such as Montel Williams, Jessica Biel, Emily Deschanel, and Jeff Bridges have created to promote GoodSearch and the cause they support.

 GoodSearch makes our list of companies that offer an Ethosolution especially because of these company values:

Our Mission

Empower people to change the world with simple everyday actions that raise money for causes they care most about

Our Goal

To make the world a better place by becoming a major source of fundraising for our 100,000+ non-profit and school partners

How Do You Use A Charity Search Engine?

donations to charity,  GoodSearch, GoodDining, DailyGoodThe best part is it is super simple because you use GoodSearch exactly like any other search engine!

You also get the same results as you would from other search engines because it Is powered by Yahoo.

And even better yet, remember that the money GoodSearch donates is from advertisers so no one else, including you, spends even a dime! Ken and JJ wanted to create a means to support charities so that people would say, “Why wouldn’t you do it?”

That’s what GoodSearch does. Since it doesn’t cost anything and you get proven search results, there’s no reason not to use it!

For ease of use, GoodSearch has even created a toolbar for your browser. You can download the extensions for these toolbars for free. They can be found at:

DailyGood Expands Beyond GoodSearch:

Even More Donations to Charity!

GoodSearch has added even more ways for its users to have easy access to organizations to donate to. They now have GoodShop, GoodDining, GoodTravel, and even more!

charity search engine, DailyGood, GoodShopIn 2007 they added GoodShop, a place for online shopping where people can make the same purchases from their favorite vendors that they already make, but now just by doing it through this sight, they contribute to charity without changing their own checkout prices!

GoodShop has affiliations with more than 1,300 online retailers including the big names like Amazon, Target, Staples, eBay, Best Buy and Apple.

Each purchase made via the GoodShop mall contributes a donation to the charity or school the shopper picks. On average approximately 3% of the sale is donated, but it can be up to 20% or even more!

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, GoodShop lists more than 100,000 coupons and deals. So, not only do you make donations to charity just for doing your regular online shopping, you may get a discount at the same time!

donations to charity,  GoodSearch, GoodDiningIn 2011, GoodSearch added GoodDining to its family. With GoodDining, when you order your food online for either eat in or take out, you pick from over 10,000 restaurants nationwide and it earns up to 6% donations for your favorite charity or school. Of course, again, this is without any extra cost to you!

Here are the features you can use to make donations to charity simply by being on the internet, as listed on the GoodSearch website:

  • Goodsearch: Search the Internet with our patent-protected, Yahoo!-powered search engine (just like you’d search on any other search engine), and we’ll donate about a penny for nearly all searches to your selected cause.
  • Goodshop: Shop at one of our more than 2,800 participating stores (from Amazon to Zazzle) and a percentage of what you spend will be donated to your cause at no cost to you. Oh, and by the way, there’s a big added
  • bonus here too. Goodshop lists more than 100,000 coupons and deals so you could save money while doing good!
  • Gooddining: Dine at one of our 10,000 participating restaurants around the country and a percentage of what you spend will go to your cause – again at no cost to you.
  • Good-to-go add-ons: The GoodShop To-Go Button, GoodApp Toolbar and Goodsearch Plug-in all install in less than 30 seconds and help you to earn donations for your favorite cause when you shop and search even when you don’t visit Goodsearch first!Goodsurveys: When you complete a survey on our online surveys platform, we’ll make a donation of about $1 to your cause!
  • Goodoffers: When you complete any of our special offers – from watching videos, to participating in market research, to buying a discounted treatment at a favorite local spa – we’ll make a donation to your cause!
  • Goodgames: Play fun and entertaining games to support your favorite cause! When you play any combination of our goodgames three times, we’ll donate a penny to your cause.
  • Goodtvads: Watch commercials from your favorite products and brands to raise money for your cause!

Spread the word!

donations to charity,  GoodSearch, GoodDining, GoodShop, DailyGood, simply do good

GoodSearch is dedicated to Ken and JJ’s mother, who passed away from cancer and who taught them both that by working together with dogged dedication, we can really make this world a better place.

GoodSearch states their goal is to help as many nonprofits and schools as possible. Because they donate such a substantial part of their revenue to the organizations that you designate, they’re not spending a lot on advertising. That’s why they need your help in spreading the word!

They have created an entire webpage just to give you easy to follow instructions on how you can help. The offer ways to share their site through social media, emails, apps, websites, and more. Check it out at:

We want to thank DailyGood for creating GoodSearch and all the other ways we can help charities through just the simple daily actions we already take!


You can also help us (One Community, the sponsor of this site) raise money while also supporting GoodSearch BY CLICKING HERE (or the Goodshop logo below). This will take you to the page to support One Community (or choose another non-profit) where you will also be able to access the 5000+ stores contributing to the donation program, Goodshop discounts and coupons, and to learn how Goodshop has raised over 11 million dollars for non-profits around the world.

Still not sure how it works, here’s one more 60-second video:

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