Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project City and Futuristic Society Designs for Optimal Living and Thriving

The Venus Project is an ethosolution idea and organization for recreating the entire planet sustainably and for The Highest Good of All. Jacque Fresco, Founder and Director of The Venus Project (www.thevenusproject.com), is arguably the most prolific icon of the futurist movement with over 70 years of design work invested in city and futuristic society designs for optimal and sustainable living for the entire human species and planet. Here is Jacque’s vision for the society and cities of the future:

The Venus Project – Designing the Future Part 1: 8.5 min

The Venus Project – Designing the Future Part 2: 4.5 min

Jacque Fresco Biography Overview

Jacque Fresco Venus Project

Jacque Fresco is peer to Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, and considered by many to be a modern-day Da Vinci. He describes himself as a “multi-disciplinarian” student of many inter-related fields. He is a self-educated structural designer, practitioner of science, concept artist, educator, and futurist who has dedicated over 70 years of his life to devising inventions and models for the future of living.

Jacque’s organization, The Venus Project, works to educate the public that a completely sustainable world is possible through the use of technology. His designs incorporate all aspects of a sustainable society from basic living needs to ecology to fulfilled living and recreation.

Here’s Jacque’s Future By Design Full Documentary

Jacque Fresco TEDx Talk About Overcoming Scarcity

Jacque Fresco Being Interviewed on London Real TV

“What if we elected you president this year and you started in the oval office Jan 20th 2013?”

“I’d declare all the world’s resources as a common heritage of all the world’s people and get them to join and become one nation who takes care of the environment, the earth, the atmosphere…. I’d abolish all separate nations because they are all corrupt.”

“And the banking system?”

“Gone, no money anymore.”

“You can never design the best city, but you can design
the best city you know how to design at this time.”

Jacque Fresco Venus Project | Futurist movement

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