Nuru International: Implementing Solutions for the Eradication of Poverty

Addressing Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Nuru International’s is one of the world’s poverty organizations with a mission is to equip people in poverty stricken remote rural areas with the tools and knowledge they need for the local eradication of poverty – forever. What makes them an ethosolution is how they create a true solution to poverty, not a quick fix or a handout, but a long-term viable solution through helping people living in poverty to establish the knowledgable leadeship and tangible infrastructure to eliminate it – then they leave.

How many people live in poverty? (world poverty statistics as of 3/23/2012)

  • Total Percentage of World Population that lives on less than $2.50 a day: 50%
  • Total number of people that live on less than $2.50 a day: 3 Billion
  • Total Number of children that die each day due to Poverty: 22,000

How to Eradicate Poverty the Nuru International Way

Here is the basic overview of what makes Nuru International a successful organization at ending world poverty:

  • They address extreme poverty and hunger by increasing crop yields through access to loans, equipment and training
  • Increase household savings through savings-led initiatives that lead to access of credit and basic banking services
  • Reducing mortality below 5% by conducting home visits and using social marketing strategies to educate and incite behavior change in people living in poverty
  • Developing leaders and local businesses as income-generating activities (IGA) to fund more in-country programs and promote independence from external sources
  • Nuru believes they must leave and so they enter into helping an area with a clear exit strategy

Nuru’s philosophy is based on the belief that having the freedom to chart your course in life – to choose a path for yourself – is a basic human right. For solutions to be truly lasting, they must be completely owned by nationals.

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Nuru Looks at how Poverty Affects Education

Education and poverty are connected and Nuru recognizes that increasing child literacy to a standard 2 level for primary school-aged youth through targeted outreach programs within public schools and during school breaks is one affordable and effective way to counteract the existing effects of poverty on education.

Nuru Trains Local Leaders in the Solutions for Poverty

Nuru designs training-based poverty solutions with local leaders in the areas of agriculture, household savings, healthcare, and education, to establish self-reliance and service-mindedness that will enable local leaders to continue scaling impact long after Nuru International’s staff has exited the project.

Summary: Sustainable Poverty Solutions

Nuru’s approach is to eradicate the consequences of poverty while simultaneously generating enough revenue to cover program costs and funding the expansion of impact programs into neighboring districts – without investing additional western resources. They are committed to creating sustainable solutions to poverty that are proven sustainable by their leaving. Additionally they publish their metrics, partnerships, financials, innovations and iterations to promote transparency and stay on the cutting edge of extreme poverty eradication.

Thank you Nuru for all you do!

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