Open Source Ecology | How To Make and Build Your Own Machine

Open Source Ecology is a network of supporters, farmers, and engineers dedicated to providing the open source blueprints teaching how to build essential machines which they have accurately titled “The Global Village Construction Set” or GVCS. The GVCS is an open technological platform that allows for the easy duplication of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts. The GVCS is developing to continuously expand and provide everything you would need to make your own machine, from tractors and energy machines to 3D printers and automobiles.

Home Building Innovative Machine Solutions

The company was founded by Marcin Jakubowski (PhD Fusion Energy). Marcin and his self started company are providing innovative machine solutions to modern day machine problems. Marcin was tired of his machines breaking down and realized he could provide an amazing service to the world by creating an open source hub dedicated to teaching anyone who desires it how to build a machine, and that’s exactly what he has done. By taking this step, Marcin has provided people with the home built machine option that can lower the barriers between farming and manufacturing and save people tens of thousands of dollars on up front machine costs, and thousands more on repair costs down the road.

Marcin and Open Source Ecology are creating what will become a single DVD as a civilization starter kit and mapping out the open source blueprints for anyone to use, test assembling everything to prove it can be done, and showing people that construction and other equipment manufacturers are not the only ones that can make machines. By teaching how to do-it-yourself build what people need, Open Source Ecology is demonstrating that not only can we have home built machines, but we can do so at a fraction of the cost (as much as 8X cheaper!) with easier part replacement and complete elimination of unseen costs due to company planned obsolescence or insolvency. With all of this, Marcin has put the power back in the hands of average people because, as he has proven, anyone can build these machines if they are willing to learn and put in the effort.

Creation For The Highest Good of All Concerned

Open Source Ecology is a company that we believe uniquely stands out as an ethosolution because they truly understand what it will take to raise the world from global poverty and are taking profound and impactful action. Whereas most people providing a product or service would privatize the blueprints, what Marcin and Open Source Ecology have chosen to do is operate with the highest good of all concerned in mind and just giving their blueprints away so that anyone can use these modular, do it yourself blueprints, and create their own innovative machine solutions.

As Marcin says in the video above, “From what I’ve seen, this is only the beginning. If this idea is truly sound, then the implications are significant: a greater distribution of the means of production, environmentally sound supply chains, and a newly relevant Do-it-yourself Maker Culture can hope to transcend artificial scarcity.” YES! Now that this is started, hopefully someday soon we can see the day when home built machines are the norm.

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