Sungevity: Affordable Off Grid Solar Power Systems via the Internet

Revolutionizing How Solar Panel Systems for Homes are Sold

Sungevity is an ethosolution company dedicated to bringing easy and affordable solar panels and solar electricity systems to mainstream America and beyond. Founded in 2007 by Greenpeace activist Danny Kennedy, Sungevity is based in Okland, California and was the first American solar panel company to design residential solar panel systems over the internet through the use of satellite imagery.  Using this Remote Solar Design (RSD), Sungevity is able to offer free price quotes for home solar systems within 24 hours, without needing to send a representative to the location, and reduce solar panel pricing for their customers too. Having now become one of the leading solar panel companies in the world, Sungevity designs home solar systems, finances new systems with its Solar Lease program, and manages system installation, maintenance, and performance.

“Sungevity’s unique mission is to build the world’s biggest network of energized customers that power their lives with sunshine.”

Danny Kennedy, President and Founder

A 2 Minute Video on the Economics of Solar Panel Electricity

Making Solar Panel Energy = Immediate Savings

To accelerate the path to a sustainable planet for everyone, Sungevity has made it so people can lease a solar system through them and receive immediate savings. Whereas many solar panel companies are striving to provide the cheapest solar panels, or discount solar panels, Sungevity leases high-quality solar electricity systems in which the new electricity bill combined with the lease payment to Sungevity will be less than the previous bill. Additionally, because electricity rates are always on the rise, the system will produce incremental savings every year.

“Every single system we put on a roof is another 1000 tons, out of the sky, of carbon dioxide and that feels good to people.”

Andrew Birch, CEO and Co-founder

Additional Philanthropic Contributions by Sungevity

Partnering with Empowered by Light, Sungevity also philanthropically contributes by spreading solar powered light kits to the children of Zambia, where almost no electricity resources exist leading to an unfortunate dependency on toxic kerosene lights. Giving these children lights gives them an opportunity to learn, and Sungevity sends a solar powered light kit to these children every time they sell a solar system.

Thank you Sungevity for being an ethosolution and helping make a better world for everyone!

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