The Feel Good Music Project

The Feel Good Music Project is founded on integrity, creativity, humility, embracing change, and a clear understanding that service leads to greatness.

How Can Music Possibly Change Lives?

If you don’t already know the average teen listens to roughly 3 hours of music every day.  Several studies including the “The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine” have now proven that the average teen is exposed to 35,000 references to substance abuse every year and these references have a noticeable impact on their behavior, mood and personal identity.

In another study of university students, “The American Psychological Society” published a report stating that research has definitively proved the link between youth violence and violent music.  This impact of music is beyond any other form of media and determines factors like:

  • How you speak to your friends and family.
  • Whether you consider yourself a winner, a looser a gangster or racist.
  • Whether or not you resort to violence when someone says or does something you don’t like.
  • Whether or not you decide to abuse drugs.
  • Whether you decide to stay in bed all day or go find a job.

So What is the Solution?

Just like negative, violent music creates negative violent behavior so does positive, empowering music make you more positive, motivated and self-confident.  So rather than focusing on the problem we’ll focus on the solution of creating and spreading more positive empowering music; so much so, that it will simply dominate the airwaves, the concert halls, the festivals, the television and most importantly the ears of our impressionable youth.

Now imagine the majority of the music on the radio, MTV and live performances with positive messages and how this could impact the world to have a real noticeable impact in reducing violence and drug abuse in our society, while at the same time increasing confidence and self-esteem.  It’s possible and right now I’m going to show you how.

Step 1 is the Feel Good Festival

Formerly known as Three Waves A Day the Feel Good Festival Is kind of like a smaller version of the Vans Warped Tour but Its mission is support and promote positive music and healthy lifestyle choices like yoga, healing arts, fitness, surfing and healthy food. There will be 20 events in the US (see tentative tour schedule below) which feature 10 of the best up and coming positive music artists dedicated to changing the world. There will also be yoga activities and FREE health food from our sponsors, with raffle donations going to a local charity.

Step 2 is the Feel Good Music Project Compilation CD

As part of the Feel Good Festival our goal is release the Feel Good Music Project CD into the ears of the masses.  This is a compilation of 10 tracks from some of the most uplifting, talented musicians you will ever hear.  Now that you know how powerful positive music is you can use this CD to lift yourself or others anytime you want.  The CD will be given to donors of this campaign as well as given out to at risk youth programs like the Boys and Girls Club of America and United Roots Oakland.

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