Tilvee Organic and Natural Skin Care Ethosolution

Tilvee is an Eco Ethical Skincare company with their headquarters located in Golden, Colorado, where they strive to produce the best organic skin care products in the world. Tilvee Eco-Ethical Skin Care products are made with ingredients that are organic, fair trade, sustainably harvested, and they contain no parabens (chemical preservative), no petroleum, no toxins and no fragrances so none of these things end up on the largest organ of our body: our skin! As eco-superstars and a shining example of what an ethosolution can really achieve, Tilvee also takes care to use eco-friendly paper, renewable power, and even ecological building materials in their offices.

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History of this Organic Skin Care Product Company

Kristie McNamara, Founder of TilveeTilvee was founded by Kristie McNamara who still runs the company. When Kristie was studying Botany and Organic Chemistry at college in Michigan she worked at a small health food store and found that there was a huge population of people asking what the best organic skin care products were in an industry where there really weren’t any. Having had this experience over and over, Kristie’s fascination with plants and formulating toxin free skin care products grew and led her to study and begin to formulate natural and organic skin care products without the use of chemicals or harmful ingredients. After years of research and trial using “Green Chemistry,” Tilvee Eco Ethical Skincare was launched in 2008.

Maintaining a commitment to strict standards, consumer education, and transparency, Tilvee as a company is upfront and proud to show their full ingredient list; showing consumers exactly what they are getting and why it’s the best. They demonstrate that natural organic skin care means ingredients that are from common plants which people can recognize, and pronounce too! No chemical additives and no guessing exactly what you are putting on your body, and thus no need for a warning to see a doctor if conditions worsen.

“It’s not just about skincare. For me it’s about the bigger picture. It’s about raising awareness about what you’re putting in your body, what you’re putting on your body. It’s about changing the way companies source ingredients, about being a lot more aware about chemicals that are used in the industry, and to kinda stir the pot a little bit to get changes made on a higher level – politically.”

Kristie McNamara, Founder and President

Beyond Best Organic Skin Care

Tilvee’s tagline is “Eco Ethical Skincare” and they take that commitment to mean a commitment beyond best organic skin care. In addition to supporting the use of fair trade and sustainably harvested organic ingredients from around they world, no use of toxic or questionable chemicals, and full disclosure of all ingredients, Tilvee also uses no animal testing, sells their products in glass jars (plastic can be toxic and is a petroleum product), use ultra green packaging and labeling like FiberStone Paper (paper made from stone, not trees), eco-friendly printers (100% carbon netural and 100% wind powered through offsets), green energy for their offices, and even Flor Carpet Tiles made from renewable and recycled content that are themselves recyclable too!

Tilvee’s bottom line is quality, not quantity, and that is something we are super happy to get behind and feel good about. Thank you Tilvee for your outstanding standards and your outstanding products that we are proud to feature as ethosolutions!!!

To learn more about Tilvee and order their amazing products, visit their website: www.Tilvee.com