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Trash to Treasure
Recycling Ideas for Schools and Everyone

As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Casey, the founder of Trash to Treasure, says it this way: “anything of value today involves sustainability and community.” To exemplify this she created Trash to Treasure, an ethosolution non-profit organization that has a mission to locate clean, re-usable materials, and redistribute these items as valuable educational and artistic resources while simultaneously promoting community building. Whereas most recycling organizations just collect and sell recyclables, Trash to Treasure does this and more by also offering public educational classes, recycling workshops, and reuse for art workshops.

Educators around the country often spend hundreds of dollars each year to supplement their classrooms with needed creative and interactive materials for their students. Trash to Treasure is able to help take recycling ideas for schools and educators to a whole new level by demonstrating inexpensive materials are all around us, and then offering go green recycling and creative reuse workshops to learn how to maximize the artistic and educational potential of these diverse, recycled materials. Trash to Treasure members believe that imagination, play, and learning are inseparable, and that the importance and value of environmental education can be demonstrated while providing children with open-ended reuse materials in a way that stimulates discovery and develops problem-solving skills. Through this, children engage recycling projects in an educational, fun, and creative way that  saves money, helps the planet, and provides all the proven benefits of creative thinking and artistic expression like improved self-esteem and better academic performace.

Businesses pay some of the highest waste disposal costs in the USA. Trash to Treasure is able to help promote recycling for business by reducing waste disposal fees, and identifying a variety of unusual materials destined for the trash that can be creatively reused instead. This helps recycling businesses and organizations achieve significant savings while simultaneously providing a no cost way for businesses to support non-profit organizations and benefit from tax deductions; it’s a win-win for everyone involved and that’s what makes Trash to Treasure AMAZING.

Forwarding the Go Green Recycling Movement for Generations to Come

It should go without saying that Trash to Treasure members are committed to reducing and recycling waste, but what really makes them different is that they are not just helping spread the importance of environmental education, they are making recycling education a community focal point while demonstrating its true financial benefit for the good of ALL who choose to get involved. Recycling saves money, energy and reduces air and water pollution while protecting our precious natural resources. Reusing clean scrap not only reduces waste disposal fees for businesses, it also reduces new product consumption, which helps the environment even more. As we learn to re-use what is available, the demand for a continuing supply of raw materials, and the associated environmental impact, is significantly reduced.

Trash to Treasure is a responsible company with good values and ethics. They believe that sustainability and community are critical values that reflect the paradigm shift of the changing world. Their vision is to provide an abundant and varied source of materials in order to:

-REDUCE unnecessary consumption and waste of resources
REUSE materials already available from the “clean scrap” waste stream
-RECYCLE after reusing for the short term
-EDUCATE by providing hands-on creative reuse and recycling workshops to provide training in the use of open-ended materials and their inherent value in the learning process of adults and children
-SUPPORT COMMUNITY-BUILDING with local collaborations and relief efforts

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