World of Good By eBay: Fair Trade Online Shop and Ethosolution Idea Eco Friendly Store

Fair Trade Shopping for the Benefit of All

World of Good Inc. is a US based ethosolution fair trade organization with a mission to alleviate poverty in developing countries. To accomplish this they have connected artisans from developing communities with mainstream retail markets to provide socially and environmentally responsible shopping by establishing the world’s largest multi-seller fair trade store through eBay. Specifically, they bring hand crafted products from cooperatives, non governmental organizations and nonprofits in developing countries to the US market to support international fair trade for the individual artisan and then they donate an additional 10% of their profits toward more building of fair trade crafts movements here in the United States.  They are one of 10 recipients for the Nobel of Sustainability awards for “game-changers and industry breakers; ideas that leap efficiency, lifestyle, consumption and action bounds ahead of current thinking” and managed to sell over 100,000 handmade items crafted by 133 different artisan groups (benefiting over 2,500 artisans and their families) in 31 different countries in just their first year!

“The idea of by eBay is to create a marketplace where a consumer can come and know that every purchase they are making is directly benefiting the people and the planet, and to be able to see the information about how its benefiting them.”

Priya Haji, CEO and Co-Founder

Experiencing the World of Good
Fair Trade Online Shop

The World of Good fair trade online store offers everything eBay’s regular store offeres with a host of additional fair trade shopping “perks” for the conscientious consumer. Producer stories tell about the person, family or group that made the product you are buying including details like their history with producing the fair trade product, how selling these items helps them and their families financially, and even occasional comments on their life philosophies or what they like most about their craft. In addition to all this, the site also lists the specifics of “Your Purchase Impact” including details like:

  • Exceeds Fair Wage Guide minimum standards
  • Supports health care
  • Crafted in a community setting
  • Assists people living with HIV/AIDS
  • No toxic materials used in production
  • No animal ingredients and no animal testing
  • Educates about ecological justice issues
  • Supports Ecological Preservation
  • Supports clean water sanitation
And many, many more.

“We live in the world’s largest consumer economy. Everything we ar buying is already changing the world. And how it changes the world is what we want to shape and control. And fair trade is the ability to say that in the things I buy, I want to shape the lives of other people in a respectful humanitarian manner.”

Priya Haji, CEO and Co-Founder

Guaranteeing Quality and Social and/or Ecological Good

World of Good also uses third party verification to assure the quality and social and/or ecological impact of all products on its fairtrade website. They accomplish this through what they call “Trust Providers.” Trust Providers are organizations with a stated vision for promoting the social good. They verify the activity of their members or their members’ products to foster commerce that maintains and encourages transparency, sustainability, economic empowerment, and ethical business practices. Each seller, product, and producer on must maintain a verified relationship with at least one Trust Provider, and these relationships are indicated as part of every listing.

Thank you World of Good for doing a world of good with your amazing and ethical fair trade organization!!!

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